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1. Build your brand

  • If you haven’t already, build your web presence.

  • Website – It should be professional, clean and clear

  • Social Media – Have a presence on the major sites such as twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+

  • Develop an email template and gather targeted Email lists for your customers and prospects. These should be clean and professional with consistent signatures

  • Develop collateral material in place that you use to market to your customers and prospects

  • Collateral materials can come in the form of Brochures, flier, business cards, etc. They should be professionally produced.

  • Electronic copies of all of your collateral materials are also very important.


2. Understand your sales process

  • Document your call script – what do you say to customers to get them to buy?

  • Document your marketing process. Documenting some of the following elements will be helpful:

    • What are you best sources for lead generation?

    • How do you create a value proposition? It is important to document this process. How do you close business and get new customers?

3. Know how you manage your “back-end”

  • Delivery of services – You don’t necessarily need to have everything down on paper, but you should know how you deliver your product or services to the customer (bake the bread, make the product or clean the carpets, etc.)

  • How do you manage your cash flow? You should have a fairly good understanding of how you would coach someone in how to manage the finances of a franchise.

4. Where do you buy products and inventory?

  • It is important in franchise development also to understand where you would direct someone to purchase the needed supplies and inventory. Items such as, but not limited to, the following should be provided:

    • Equipment

    • Machinery

    • inventory items

  • You would need to provide vendor lists and contacts.

5. Get to know your training process

  • What would you cover when training a new franchisee? What is the best way to train them:

    • Curriculum? What type of a curriculum would you use?

    • What schedule would you use for the training?

    • Who does what? Would you train the franchisee yourself or bring in a trainer? How much time would this take?

Why Franchise Your Business?

We Can Help Determine Whether your Business is Ready for Franchising.

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Should You Franchise Your Business?

Franchising is a unique distribution model and has a variety of attributes to the concept that make some businesses a fit for franchising and others not. The core components to successfully franchising your business include the following:

  1. Do you have a brand that people are drawn to? Have you had inquiries about your model from customers, friends, etc to open in new markets or to franchise before?

  2. Does your business have an operating system in place that will allow you to teach and replicate what you do with new franchise owners?

  3. How have you integrated technology into your business?

  4. What marketing and business development platforms do you have in place that franchisees could benefit from?

  5. Are your financials reasonably strong and consistent?

  6. Is there a larger market for your model which would justify franchising the business?

When determining whether you should franchise your business, we start with a no-obligation consultation to review your business, discuss the operating model and help determine whether franchising is viable. Speak with one of our franchise consultants who have spent years working with organizations to build, develop and execute franchise expansion strategies. Find out if you should franchise your business and whether you have the industry, business model or experience to be successful in the franchise marketplace.

Advantages of Franchising your Business

People are naturally attracted to familiarity, and a process that is consistent regardless of the location in which it is being executed will lead to successful results.  Franchising your business allows your brand to grow and duplicate at several levels:

  1.  At the national or global level, all franchisees and corporate units contribute to a marketing fund that is used to promote the brand and build awareness for the company.

  2. At the regional level, franchisees work together through regional cooperatives where advertising dollars are spent in a region to build local awareness and leverage economies of scale in advertising and promotion spend.

  3.  At the local level, franchisees are required to spend dollars in promoting and advertising the business in their immediate market.  The combination of the advertising platforms maximizes the opportunity for brand development and makes franchising a win-win relationship between franchisor and franchisee.

Speed up Business Expansion – Franchising your business allows you to multiply a brand’s footprint, but with added manpower and capital to scale the growth.  The value of having independent business owners who have money invested and their direct, onsite focus is enormous and the performance of franchise-owned and operated businesses almost always outperforms company-owned locations of the same business model.

Increased Capital – Franchising your business allows you to multiply a brand’s footprint, but with added manpower and capital to scale the growth.  The value of having independent business owners who have money invested and their direct, onsite focus is enormous and the performance of franchise-owned and operated businesses almost always outperforms company-owned locations of the same business model.

Increased Focus on Strategy – The entrepreneur who is able to make this transition stops focusing on the small items inherent in managing a business and begins to focus on what strategic aspects will help drive the growth of the brand and scale the business. 

Franchise Consultation

See if your business has the concept strength to be a successful franchise. This can be conducted over a phone interview or in person to discuss your business, answer questions about franchising and help you make better decisions related to how to franchise your business.

Franchise Review

Franchise Connectors will work with you to evaluate current business practices, the market you operate within and how that translates to franchising. This will be conducted after the initial phone consultation and could consist of an in-person meeting to visit the location and review the operating concept. The key is to understand how your business operates and whether the model could succeed as a franchise.

Review Results & Discuss Options

Franchise Connectors will present the general feasibility of franchising your business and what opportunity exists based on industry market knowledge and research which is conducted for relevant franchise market segments. Franchise Marketing Systems is a performance based franchise development firm who works with clients to develop and execute franchise models, the consultation and advice will be based on legitimate and open feedback.

Franchise Proposal & Overview

Franchise Connectors will produce and prepare a franchise development proposal specific to your brand, goals and vision for how you would like to franchise your business. This proposal will outline the work to be completed, terms, structure and detail related to what is needed in order to franchise your business effectively.

Learn How To Franchise a Business

With Our 5 Step Guide

Franchise Connectors

How we can Help Franchise Your Business

Franchise Connectors will help you franchise your business through following the 5 successful steps, and also will include detailed development of franchise operations materials. Our 5 step process includes creating a franchise expansion plan, franchise development education, establishing a system for duplicating a business idea in new markets, building a marketing system for local, regional and national marketplace and executing the franchise expansion strategy. We are confident that our 5 step process can help turn your idea into a successful franchise.

Franchising takes patience.  If your business has been defined with the right systems and the operating model can be replicated in new markets, you should be able to show someone how to get their franchise up and running successfully.  Our franchise development firm has seen a direct correlation with those who manage through positive reinforcement and the results they see from franchise partners in the field.

Our Expertise

We Provide Full Scale Consulting For Your Franchise

Franchise Business Plans & Strategic Development

Franchise Connectors works with you to help franchise your business and build franchise business plans. These business models act as Strategic Franchise plans for businesses that are considering franchising or are getting ready to launch a franchise model. Franchise Marketing Systems leverages a team of franchise specialists and a global network of franchise development professionals to build and design the most complete franchise business plan available.

Franchise Documentation Development – How to Put Together an FDD

Franchise Connectors team will develop the disclosure documentation required to offer and sell franchises in the United States and Internationally. This documentation will include input from your attorney, if you do not have an attorney we can refer you to an FMS approved franchise attorney. This service includes the FDD – Franchise Disclosure Document and the state registrations that are required in order to offer franchises in several states throughout the United States. In cases involving international franchise development, Franchise Marketing Systems will work with franchise attorneys who specialize in specific global regions for franchise development work. Franchise Marketing Systems is not a law firm and will not provide legal advice or legal representation. You will need to consult with an attorney for legal representation.

Franchise Industry Research Reports

Franchise Connectors has an extensive database of UFDD’s, franchise market reports and franchise industry information data. Access to this information allows Franchise Marketing Systems to build comprehensive franchise research reports and design accurate plans for franchise models based on industry research. The Franchise Marketing System’s team is working on a daily basis to manage and develop a growing database of franchise industry information and statistics.

Franchise Operations Manual – How to Write Operations Manuals

Franchise Connectors has a team of franchise consultants that works closely with clients to document business operations and develop the appropriate business systems in order to efficiently duplicate a business model. One of the keys to developing and implementing an effective franchise or license development model is great, accurate and well defined business systems. A well written and comprehensive franchise operations manual and franchise training manuals are essential to the success of a franchise company.

Franchise Sales – How to Sell Franchises

Franchise Connectors will develop and execute a comprehensive and complete franchise sales strategy. A truly effective franchise program must include the franchise sales team in order to attract and close the largest amount of franchise partners. Franchise Marketing Systems has a team of franchise brokers in markets around the country who sell and market franchises and license offerings.

Franchise Marketing Programs – How to Market Franchises

Franchise Connectors works with new and existing franchisors to develop, build and manage franchise lead generation programs. This process includes the development and documentation of a targeted and truly efficient franchise marketing program. The franchise marketing program includes designing a target franchise buyer profile, identifying key markets with growth opportunity for a franchise system, developing a media buying plan and building franchise advertisements.

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