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Ms. Yeliv “Jill” Adams is a seasoned Businesswoman, Business Broker & International Franchise Consultant.  Originally from Peru, Ms. Adams brings 18 years + of experience in the Hospitality, Retail and Marketing industries and is the founder and CEO of Franchise Connectors, a Business Brokerage & Franchise Consulting Organization operating several subsidiaries that run the gamut of franchise and business development (including Business Resales, Lead Generation, Franchise Development and Franchise Sales).  Yeliv started her business journey at a very young age running their family retail stores and restaurants, in her late teens she started her own clothing store and a travel agency while also building a successful career in sales at major hotel chain in Peru before moving to the U.S.

During her time as a B2B top sales consultant for over 12 years, she learned to love franchising, entrepreneur at heart she also run a recruiting business and real state on the side during this time.  She played an integral role in the success of the Liberty Tax Service and SiempreTax+ franchise systems – the latter of which targeted the Hispanic market and grew from 0 to 100+ units in the first year.  Yeliv is a former owner of the Hampton Roads, VA franchise rights to the largest trade exchange network in the world.  Yeliv has played many roles in the franchise industry, loves connecting with entrepreneurs and to connect them with their next business phase (either buying, selling, or expanding through franchising). She strives to empower others to take control of their future, to never settle for less and to reach for exactly what they want for themselves in life and in business.

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    Yeliv Adams
    Yeliv Adams